DIVETALKS THURSDAYS – Exclusive Interview with the Scribe of Technical Diving, Michael Menduno

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This week’s guest on the popular Facebook Livestream DIVETALKS, orchestrated by Divesoft, is the man who literally coined the term “technical diving”, Michael Menduno aka “M2.” Come join the action on Thursday at 1pm EDT and get your questions ready! DIVETALKS and Michael Menduno have got the answers!

Divesoft - DIVETALKS - Michael Menduno

One of the most prolific and well-known divers/journalists in the industry will be DIVETALKS’ guest this Thursday. Menduno is most recognizable for his work in helping to define and chronicle the emergence of technical diving through his now defunct magazine, aquaCORPS Journal (1990-1996), and Tek Conferences. He also helped set up the world’s first center for technical diving training at Key West Diver in the early 1990s.

Divesoft - DIVETALKS - Michael Menduno
Menduno at Key West Diver in Florida, 1992 Photo by Bret Gilliam

Menduno is an acclaimed journalist, focusing his talent for the written word on his love for diving. Having written for countless magazines and blogs, he is currently serving as the editor in chief of Global Underwater Explorers’ blog, InDepth, as well as a contributing editor to DAN Europe’s Alert Diver, and X-Ray mag, and writes for DeeperBlue.com. He is also on the board of the Historical Diving Society. 

Most recently, Menduno has relaunched a digitized version of his seminal magazine aquaCORPS: The Journal for Technical Diving, once referred to by Wired magazine as the “Sea Geek’s Bible.” Wired’s Eric Herbert described the magazine nicely when he said, “For vacation divers like me, aquaCORPS is part wish list, part chemistry book, part looking glass. But for technical and hardcore sport divers who live to dive, and dive to live, aquaCORPS is as essential as oxygen.”

Specifically, Menduno and Divesoft, will be releasing copies of aquaCORPS #7, C2 (rebreather issue) from 1994, in conjunction with the talk. This unique magazine will be available for free download, so be sure to tune into the Livestream and get your copy!

Divesoft - DIVETALKS - Michael Menduno
aquaCORPS #7 C2 93DEC

In addition, Menduno/M2 will be answering your questions posted in the comment section. For example, you could ask him about what inspired him to launch aquaCORPS and the Tek, EUROTek, and ASIATek conferences, how the recreational diving industry dealt with the introduction of nitrox, aka “Voodoo Gas,” and how early tekkies dealt with “deep air” diving. Viewers might also be interested in hearing about Michael’s work for which he was awarded the OZTEKMedia Excellence Award in 2011, the EUROTek Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 and the TEKDive USA Media Award in 2018.

Divesoft - DIVETALKS - Michael Menduno
Menduno is an active US Masters swimmer

Furthermore, M2 is expected to expound on a range of other topics, more tailored to his current projects and interests. He will speak on a few broader subjects, such as technology trends and dive history, but will also make a point to discuss some of the latest research in diving medicine such as individual susceptibility to decompression illness (ever heard of the new static metabolic bubble hypothesis?), and new findings on inert gas narcosis. (Guess what? Air is more narcotic than nitrox!).

Divesoft - DIVETALKS - Michael Menduno
Menduno in Tulum, Mexico during a GUE Tech 1 class

You can also count the topic of COVID-19 being brought up, the pandemic that has slowed the progress of divers all over the world. Even though the two worlds might seem far apart, Menduno will shed light on what the diving industry is currently doing to help fight coronavirus.

Divesoft - DIVETALKS - Michael Menduno
M2 in PPE weathering the pandemic

You’re not going to want to miss out on this week’s DIVETALKS Thursdays. Michael Menduno has done great things and we are looking forward to hearing his specialized insights. Click HERE to watch DIVETALKS this Thursday at 1pm EDT and leave a comment. Menduno will be answering questions and it’s not every day you get to speak to a more qualified person. And don’t miss the opportunity to download the digital issue of aquaCORPS C2! Mark your calendars and get your popcorn ready. You’re not going to want to let this Livestream come and go!


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